Lana Del Rey: H&M's New Face

The rumors appeared last month, but now the news is already confirmed: singer Lana Del Rey is the face of the autumn campaign of H&M.


Orders 13072012

Black flower ring/ Mango
Satin Dress / Mango
Flats / Mango

Georgio Armani - Code Femme

Yesterday I received a lovely gift from my boyfriend. I got this bottle of Armani perfume. I am so happy with it. I actually already wanted to buy it this month but that is no longer needed. 
The bottle looks not only glamorous, it also smells deliciously. I can definitely recommend this parfume. It is a fresh and senusual parfume to make everyday special.



Green Waistcoat / Zara
T-Shirt with Lace Back / Zara 
Jeans / Mango


Holiday in Spain and France

Bridge and city of Millau

Yes. we are finally free from school. For two months no textbooks, no homework, no teachers and no alarm. It is time for sunbathing, shopping, going out, swimming and going on a holiday. Lucky for me I have a job in a pub and not in some boring supermarket. I also get paid more than most of my age which means . . . . buying more clothes!!
At 21 July I am going to Spain together with my boyfriend. We are going to Macisvenda a little town near the beach. My boyfriends parents have there a house with swimming pool and we are staying there for one week. After that week we are going to Millau a city in the South of France. We are staying there for one week in a tent.  I seriously have never slept in a tent. Well, I think that will be a great challenge. Millau seems to be a nice city so I think, we will sit at a good location. Hopefully the weather will be very good.

Lisette xox


Orders 06072012

Well here I show you my new order by Zara. Yet always exciting when it arrives here at home.

Green Waistcoat / Zara
T-Shirt with Lace Back / Zara
Denim Short / Zara


Gemma Hayes

Last weekend was Concert at Sea. About the festival i have already said something. i can tell you it was awesome! The ambience, the artists everything was perfect. Very nice that it is really near by the sea. Wanna see how it was? Check this video. This video is from Friday, Saturday still have to come.

But I am not here to tell you about the concert. I fell in love with one artists. Gemma Hayes! Most of you do not know who she is, so I am gonna tell something about her for you. She is born in 11 August 1977 in Tipperary, Ireland. She is an Irish singer-songwriter and a member of The Cake Sale. She has made four albums: Night on My Side, The Rouds Don't Love You, The Hollow of Morning and Let it Break. She sings and play guitar. One of my favourite songs of her is. Keep Running and Haning Aroud.

      Keep Running

    Hanging Around

She is not only a beautifull singer, she is also a very beautifull woman to look at. I really like her clothing style. It's simple and natural. It fits well with her music. Her clothes gives her a relaxed look and is not to much. This ensures that the focus is really on the music not on her looks.

And what do you think of her?