Holiday in Spain and France

Bridge and city of Millau

Yes. we are finally free from school. For two months no textbooks, no homework, no teachers and no alarm. It is time for sunbathing, shopping, going out, swimming and going on a holiday. Lucky for me I have a job in a pub and not in some boring supermarket. I also get paid more than most of my age which means . . . . buying more clothes!!
At 21 July I am going to Spain together with my boyfriend. We are going to Macisvenda a little town near the beach. My boyfriends parents have there a house with swimming pool and we are staying there for one week. After that week we are going to Millau a city in the South of France. We are staying there for one week in a tent.  I seriously have never slept in a tent. Well, I think that will be a great challenge. Millau seems to be a nice city so I think, we will sit at a good location. Hopefully the weather will be very good.

Lisette xox

2 opmerkingen:

  1. You're very welcome, but I assume you will come in July and not in August :-)

    1. Haha natuurlijk dat was een foutje :). Heb het snel weer verbeterd!